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الرجاء كتابة العنوان بالتفصيل 


 للشحن محافظات يرجى تحويل 100 جنية للجدية التحويل فودافون كاش رقم 0105094457

The Ultimate Vaping Experience with the Voopoo Drag 3 Mod. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and precision, this mod delivers unrivaled performance that will leave you craving for more. With its advanced GENE.FAN 2.0 chip, the Drag 3 Mod ensures rapid firing, precise temperature control, and seamless coil detection. Prepare to be blown away by the smoothest and most flavorful hits you've ever experienced.

GENE.FAN 2.0 chip for lightning-fast firing and superior performancePrecise temperature control for optimal flavor and vapor productionIntelligent coil detection for effortless vaping

Voopoo Drag 3 Mod

SKU: 100232333980
    • The Voopoo Drag 3 Mod not only impresses with its performance but also with its stunning design and durability. Crafted with a robust zinc alloy frame, this mod can withstand the demands of everyday use. Its sleek and ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand, ensuring comfortable and enjoyable vaping sessions. With a vibrant range of color options, you can express your unique style while enjoying the reliability and durability of the Drag 3 Mod.
    • Adjustable wattage and voltage settings for personalized vaping experience
    • Comprehensive safety features for worry-free vaping
    • USB Type-C charging for fast and convenient charging
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