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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Brinng A Vape On A Plane ?
    Yes, you can, but you are not allowed to vape or charge a vaping device on a plane. Where you store your vaping device is what you need to know. You have to pack the vape pen with your carry-on bag or try to keep it on you within the passenger cabin. Never put a vape in a checked bag as it is prohibited and is also dangerous. The lithium-ion batteries in vaping devices can explode when exposed to excess heat.
  • Is Vaping Addictive?
    Yes, vaping is addictive. Some vapes contain nicotine which is an addictive substance and that in e-liquids is absorbed into the bloodstream faster. Also, smokers can use their vaporizers to smoke marijuana which is also addictive. In addition, flavored e-juices with 0% nicotine can also create a psychological addiction in users. A regular vaper can take a puff (vape) every 30 minutes which isn’t as bad as a cigarette every 15-20 minutes.
  • Can Vapes Explode?
    Yes, but on rare occasions. As explained earlier, most vaping devices make use of a lithium-ion battery to power the heating element that turns the e-juice to vapor. The battery is what can cause an explosion but under normal conditions, the possibility of that happening is about one in a million. This can be caused by exposure to excess heat, overcharging or storage in pressurized areas.
  • Can I Vape While Pregnant?
    It is not yet proven if vaping is safe for pregnant women or not. However, a study by Virginia Commonwealth University reported that, vaping while pregnant could cause birth defects of the face and oral cavity. This has not been tested or proved in pregnant women but was tested on frogs. But it’s best not to vape during pregnancy especially with flavored e-juices which contain unknown additives
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