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Continuing with Popreel P1 Pod Kit, UWELL has launched Popreel PK1, a square-shaped pod system with a 520mAh battery. Compared with the Popreel P1, the Popreel PK1 comes with a lanyard and a larger battery capacity.

Popreel PK1 is ideal for stylish and athletic young people. They can free their hands with the lanyard and use the product as an accessory. It has a good flavor, a dual-layer plastic shell, and fresh colors.

Uwell Popreel PK1 Pod Kit 520mAh

SKU: 16510081000
  • 1. Popreel P1 Cartridge, with three-orientation visual window & top-filling

    2. Built-in 1.2ohm mesh coil, with Pro-Focs flavor adjusting technology

    3. Beauty & durability comes from two-layer molding

    4. Compact and durable, with lanyard, can be used as a fashion accessory


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