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الرجاء كتابة العنوان بالتفصيل 


 للشحن محافظات يرجى تحويل 100 جنية للجدية التحويل فودافون كاش رقم 01050944570

experience. The GO New OXVA Pod System offers a sleek and sophisticated design, perfect for vapers who appreciate timeless elegance. Its compact size and durable leather construction make it an ideal choice for on-the-go vaping. With a 3ml capacity and easy filling system, the GO New OXVA Pod System ensures a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience. Visit Vapezonealex to discover the latest in vaping technology and elevate your vaping experience with XLIM GO and GO New OXVA Pod System.

XLIM GO FILL, and GO New OXVA Pod Ststem

SKU: 85388232
  • Top Fill Cartridge Parameters

    Cartridge Capacity: 2ml/2ml(TPD)
    Resistance Range: 0.33-3.0Ω
    Top Fill Cartridge: 0.4Ω /0.6Ω /0.8Ω /1.2Ω
    Refill: Top Fill

  • Output Power: 5-30W
    Airflow Control: Side AFC
    Battery: 1000mAh
    Charging: 5V/1A, Type-C
    Material: Plastic+Artificial Leather+PCTG
    Size: 26*14.6*113.7mm
    Weight: 41g

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