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الرجاء كتابة العنوان بالتفصيل 


 للشحن محافظات يرجى تحويل 100 جنية للجدية التحويل فودافون كاش رقم 0105094457

The Vozol 10000 Puffs Double Apple Disposable Vape is the latest addition to our selection of disposable e-cigarettes at Vapezonealex in Egypt. With a massive 20ml volume and a rechargeable battery operated power supply, this vape is designed to last up to 10000 puffs, providing a long-lasting and satisfying vaping experience.

The delicious Double Apple flavor is sure to please any fruit-loving vaper, and the convenient disposable design makes it an easy and hassle-free option for on-the-go use. Please note that this product is restricted to individuals aged 18 and over, and we strongly advise against the use of tobacco products. Keep in mind that smoking causes significant harm to you and those around you.

Vozol 10000 Puffs Double Apple Disposable Vape

SKU: 3987922
  • Vape properties

    Vape type

    Disposable e-cigarette


    Double Apple


    20 ml

    Nicotine content

    20 mg

    Number of puffs


    Age restriction

    18 yearsi

    Warning: tobacco products

    Smoking causes significant harm to you and the people around you.

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