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DRAG Nano Pod Kit with different e-juice capacity and coil resistance to meet your different vaping needs.

The VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Cartridge come with 1.0ml capacity and 1.8ohm coil (4pcs each pack); while the brand-new Drag NANO Pod-P1 features 1.6ml capacity and 1.5ohm coil (2pcs each pack). With the unique dual oil-filling slots, P1 Pod make the filling more convenient. Moreover,

the Drag NANO Pod-P1 also adopts the excellent atomization and condensation technology to bring you an unbelievable flavor with smoother airflow and no condensed fluid leakage. Get them as spare parts for your Drag Nano Pod kit and enjoy an wonderful vaping.

VOOPOO DRAG Nano S1 Pod Cartridge

SKU: 901187263533
  • Size: 36.3 x 15 x 7mm(S1); 41.8 x 18 x 9mm(P1)
    Capacity: S1 1.0ml
    Resistance Range: S1 1.8ohm
    Material: PCTG
    Fill: Top Side Filling System
    Quantity: S1 of 4pcs/pack

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