The VGod Stig Pod - Mighty Mint

The return of disposable Vapes to the UK. The VGod Stig Pod Mighty Mint - A cool and refreshing flavour of spearmint menthol for all those cold lovers is a brand new innovation in vaping that's bringing back the disposable vapes. By utilising pod device technology these devices can give you a gorgeous vaping experience on the go without having to worry about charging, re-filling, cleaning or coil changing. The VGod Stig is a beautifully simple and maintenance free device perfect for those who are always on the go or simply for if you want to leave your regular kit at home. 

VGod Stig Pod - Disposable Pod Device - Mighty Mint (Price for one pod)

Nicotine Strength :
    • Easy to use
    • Better flavour than other disposable vapes
    • No Button - Puff activated 
    • Coil/wick is continuously saturated with e-liquid
    • No leaking
    • Disposable 
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