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VGOD Mango Bomb Salt Nic E Liquid

Enjoy a tropical jolt that will transport you to sandy beaches lined with mango trees.  This blast of mango will knock you back with how good it is, and the salt nic formula adds an extra level of satisfaction to every inhale. 

VGOD nic salts Mango Bomb E LIQUID are available various nicotine strengths, including 25mg (2.5% nicotine) and 50mg (5% nicotine). Online Vape Store Shop Egypt

VGOD Mango Bomb Salt Nic E Liquid

SKU: 00328694
    • Not for use in sub-ohm devices
    • 30ml of eliquid
    • Available in 50mg nicotine concentration
    • Salt nicotine is more efficient and less harsh to vape
    • Contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propyleneglycol

    Vape zone Is proud to be able to offer you this fantastic range of E-liquids with the option of delivery. 

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