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الرجاء كتابة العنوان بالتفصيل 


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Tornado Disposable Pod Peach Blueberry Candy 7000 Puff, Premier E Vape are proud to bring you R and M Tornado, our largest capacity disposable device that is hugely popular and provides a vaping experience superior to any other brand.

A premium disposable device, providing up to 7000 puffs, 14ml of e-liquid and a rechargeable 1000mAH battery, it both saves on cost and reduces waste.It has an adjustable airflow system, providing the ability to adjust it to your preference

.The superb flavour quality is maintained until the last drop of e-liquid.

The flavour range is truly amazing – we’ve tried them all and been impressed with them all.These pocket-friendly bars are perfect for smokers looking to try vaping without committing to buying a full kit, coils and e-liquid setup.

There’s no need to refill it with e-liquid or change any pods or coils. R and M Tornado 7000 has no buttons to mess about with, just a simple draw activated mouth to lung inhale from the comfortable mouthpiece. Simply inhale to vape.

Tornado Disposable Pod Peach Blueberry Candy 7000 Puff

SKU: 3566377
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