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 Buy Xlim Pro pod kit by OXVA is the sequel to the highly popular Xlim v2, This compact and stylish pod kit is a perfect companion for vapors who like to travel in style. With the reliability of the Oxva Xlim v2 pods and the new top fill Xlim v2 pods along with a built in 1000 mah battery you can enjoy your favorite nic salt juice without interruption. Airflow control and 30w of power mean vapors can dial in their draw and enjoy hit after hit without interruption and with maximum flavor.

The Oxva Xlim Pro pod kit features

5 watts  - 30 watts of power and has a built in 1000 mah battery. It has a USB C charge port and can charge at 2Amps meaning very little downtime. The included Xlim top fill pod aims to keep you leak free to save your liquid from pesky leaks and the kit is compatible with the standard Xlim V2 pods. It also features inhale activation along with button activation for a simple experience. The clear screen shows you your selected wattage and the RGB light adds style. 

Compatible with Xlim V2 pods and the new top fill version of these pods the Xlim pro gives a flavorful well rounded vape which has become a favorite among vapors everywhere. Available in 0.6 ohm, 0.8 ohm and 1.2 ohm the Xlim pods perform to the highest standard. Weighing in at only 66 grams this lightweight pod vape features everything you need to keep the cigarette cravings at bay and aims to give you the most satisfying mouth to lung vape.

Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kit

SKU: 4356267722
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