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The SMOK NOVO 4 pod mod vape is a sleek and compact device that is designed to offer the best vaping experience possible. It has a small, ergonomic design and is comfortable to hold in the hand.

The SMOK NOVO 4 pod mod vape features a touch screen display that allows for easy and intuitive operation. It also has a built-in battery that can be charged via USB.

The SMOK NOVO 4 pod mod vape offers a high-quality vaping experience that is ideal for beginners and more experienced vapers alike.

SMOK NOVO 4 Kit Specification:

  • 93.5 x 26.5 x 17.7mm Dimensions
  • 51.7g Weight
  • 800mAh Integrated Battery
  • USBC Type-C Charging
  • 5-25W Power Output
  • 0.4-3.0 Ohm Resistance Range
  • 0.49" OLED Display Screen
  • Pod Type:
    • Novo 4 Empty Pod Transparent Black (Included in kit)
    • Novo 4 Empty Pod Transparent (Sold Separately)
  • 2mL Vape Juice Capacity
  • Side Fill System
  • Coils:
    • 0.8ohm LP1 Meshed Coil (Included)
    • 0.8ohm LP1 DC MTL Coil (Available Separately)
    • 1.0ohm LP1 DC MTL Coil (Available Separately)
  • Colors:
    • Black Armor
    • Black Carbon Fiber
    • Black Stabilizing Wood
    • Blue Grey Cobra
    • Cyan Pink Cobra
    • Fluid 7-Color
    • Fluid Black Grey
    • Red Stabilizing Wood
    • Silver Carbon Fiber
    • White Armor

SMOK NOVO 4 Kit Includes:

  • SMOK NOVO 4 (800mAh)
  • 1x SMOK NOVO 4 Empty Pod (2mL)
  • 1x LP1 Meshed 0.8 Ohm Coils
  • USB Type-C Cable

NOVO 4 Pod Mod By Smok

SKU: 58758373
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