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Nasty Fix Disposable Pod Blackcurrant, The Nasty Fix Blackcurrant Cotton Candy 20mg is a convenient, compact and light disposable vape device from Nasty Juice.

Powered by a 280mAh built-in battery, provides a hassle free and simple to use pod device, ideal for those making the switching from smoking. Providing the same great taste and satisfaction,

the Nasty Fix device is pre-filled with 1.3ml of 20mg salt nicotine and delivers approximately 300 puffs.Nasty Fix Blackcurrant Cotton Candy 20mg delivers a classic flavour of sweet, intense and satisfying taste of blackcurrant with a pleasant hint of soft cotton candy to give you that luxurious vaping experience.

Nasty Fix Blackcurrant Cotton Candy 20mg originates from one of our top selling flavours Bad Blood.Ready to use straight from the packaging, simply inhale on the Nasty Fix to get started and once consumed dispose and replace. Nicotine salts provide a smoother throat hit with higher nicotine content with fast absorption into the blood stream.Below are just a few benefits of disposable vape device:No chargingNo refillingSame flavours Compact & lightHassle-Free & easy to useSame great taste and satisfactionConvenient and stylish2% (20mg) nicotine strengthPowered by 280mah batteryContains 1.3ml of Nasty Salts e-liquid Delivers approximately 300 puffs

Nasty Fix Disposable Pod Black currant

SKU: 2561949009
  •  Compact & light
    • Hassle-Free & easy to use
    • Same great taste and satisfaction
    • Convenient and stylish• 1% (10mg) nicotine strength
    • 2% (20mg) nicotine strength
    • Powered by 700mah battery
    • Contains 2 ml of Nasty Salts e-liquid
    • Delivers approx. 675 puffs

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