Geek Vape thinks about amateurs of a savoury vape in indirect inhaling with this 2 in 1 box of 8 Fused Clapton coils composed in Kanthal A1 or even in in Nichrome 80

MTL Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 Geek Vape

    • 4 fused Clapton in Ni80 with a value of 0.6Ω and 3mm in diameter
    • 4 fused Clapton in Kanthal A1 with a value of 0.8Ω and a diameter of 3 mm
    • 1 Coil Tool in Stainless Steel for the installation of coils on an assembly plate to install coils on an assembly plate.

    The MTL Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 is made by Geek Vape

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