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 للشحن محافظات يرجى تحويل 100 جنية للجدية التحويل فودافون كاش رقم 0105094457

Introducing the ELF BAR Disposable Vape in the tantalizing flavor of apple watermelon. This convenient and easy-to-use vape features a 40mg salt nicotine content (4%) for a satisfying hit every time. The 550mah battery is rechargeable via Type-c, with a long-lasting 6,000 puffs for extended use. This disposable vape also boasts a 13ml liquid capacity, ensuring plenty of flavor to go around. The slim body design, comfortable mouthpiece, and lightweight feel make it the perfect on-the-go option. Each vape is wrapped in vacuum sealed packaging for ultimate freshness, making it an ideal choice for those in search of a delicious and hassle-free vaping experience. Order now and enjoy the fruity fusion of apple and watermelon in one convenient disposable vape.

TE6000 Disposable Vape Flavor Flavors:

  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Blueberry Pom
  • Autumn
  • Apple Peach
  • Clear
  • Apple Watermelon
  • Hawaii Punch
  • Cran Kiwi
  • Grape Ice
  • Lemon Drop
  • Key West
  • Ice Mint
  • Cherry Ice
  • Razz Lemon
  • Juicy Peach
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Strawberry Grapefruit

Elf Bar TE6000 US Version Includes

1 x Elf Bar TE6000 Disposable Vape Kit

ELF BAR Disposable Vape Apple Watermelon

SKU: 98435993
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