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الرجاء كتابة العنوان بالتفصيل 


 للشحن محافظات يرجى تحويل 100 جنية للجدية التحويل فودافون كاش رقم 0105094457

BERRY BOMB - VGOD Salt Nic E Liquid - 30ML

An explosion of sweet and sour strawberry candy in your mouth. Sour strawberry candy hits your tongue first, followed by a sweet sugary exhale, making each hit better than the last. VGOD's nic salt E LIQUID formula adds an extra level of satisfaction to every drag, for an all-around perfect vape juice. Don't be disappointed by lackluster vape juice ever again; fill up with VGOD Berry Bomb today.

VGOD nic salts are available various nicotine strengths, including 25mg (2.5% nicotine) and 50mg (5% nicotine)

BERRY BOMB - VGOD Salt Nic E Liquid - 30ML

SKU: 25119698700
  • VGOD

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